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Sharon Whittington

I feel the need to share my experience with Five Aces Pool And Spa. I had a pool project that needed special attention, I contacted many pool company’s for quotes and needed to know what it would take to make my pool beautiful again.The coating on my pool was painted with a fiberglass in the paint, I had many companies tell me different ways to do it. When John came out and looked at my project he told me right away that the painted coating had to come off before they could put a new coating on which I knew was true from my previous research online.

The more I spoke too John the more I felt his honesty needless to say I decided before receiving his quote Five Aces pool and Spa would be the one to do my project John left from our meeting he told me he would get me a quote in a couple days not only did he get my quote in a couple days he was also very competitive In price, I highly recommend Five Aces pool and spa for your project.


Written by flpoolaces